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50 years of partnership and friendship between Herzogenaurach and Wolfsberg in Kaernten, Austria

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Cyclists of both cities jointly celebrating on and off their bikes

50 years can roll by so quickly and a half-century partnership and friendship between Herzogenaurach and Wolfsberg in Kaernten, Austria, could not be thought of without a proper celebration. A delegation from Herzogenaurach, including five cyclists from the cycling club, RC 1894 Herzogenaurach, reinforced the ties between the two cities during their visit between the 3rd and 7thof October.

Almost four years and almost 700 kilometers ago, a handful of cyclists from RC Herzogenaurach embarked on a rainy, challenging, 3-day cycling tour to visit the partner city Wolfsberg. Four years later, weather conditions favored the five cyclists with ‘Golden October’ days of clear, blue skies and moderate temperatures during the Autumn season.

With insider tips of where to ride and where to make coffee stops, the friends from the cycling club, HRC Wolfsberg, took the five cyclists on four days of exciting tours with breathtaking, hilltop views throughout the Lavanttal Valley, including a spectacular tour through their neighbor’s countryside in Slovenia.

After four days with an impeccable host showing great cycling, offering great food, and most important, opening their arms to a wonderful opportunity to deepen the friendship between the two clubs, the excitement unfortunately had to come to an end. Nevertheless, the constructive discussions and exchange of best-practices motivated both clubs to keep the wheels rolling and to keep the friendship active in the seasons to come.


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2018 - RTF Fotoaktion

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